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Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

I am Software developer at Visa, currently trying my best to be a better full stack developer. Technology has a gender problem, as everyone knows. I work here as a Back-end developer and I still get surprising reactions from people when I say I am a back-end developer. Since you are a female, by default most of people at Visa or outside Visa who don't know anything about you just consider if I am working in a tech company either I am a front-end developer or a QA engineer. It's so annoying sometimes and raise so many questions Can't a female be Back-end Developer ? . I guess at some point the labor market has it's own circular logic: women are front-end developers or QA test engineer because they are weill to this kind of work, and we are typecasting this because women percentage is greater in this area. Here's the problem: the technology enforces a distinct gender hierarchy between front-end and back-end developement. I honestly speaking, it's difficult to strive and get promoted when working as a back-end developer. But actually the stereotype is real and the root causes are much more complicated.


I feel a single day is not enough to bolster the status of women and applaud their achivements. Yet celebrating Women's day gives us an opprtunity to create more awareness about women's issues and provide plarform for discussions. Despite being equally important in the equation of life, women of all cultures and ages had to deal with discrimination and neglect. Today's women is more aware about her rights, more empowered and reaching greater heights. She is still climbing the ladder, tumbling many times and tripped on purpose a hundred thousand times over. In an ideal world everyday is a Women's day but sadly, we do need to mark this day in our calender.


The theme for IWD 2019 is #BalanceForBetter, a nod to the growing global push for professional and social equity. We can help girls and women acheive their ambitions and create flexible cultures.



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Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

These are all so inspiring! Thank you all for sharing. Keep them coming 🙂

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Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

International Women's Day is a day of remembering the progress women have made and having appreciation for it as it affects us today. It is also a time to consider further ways women and men can act in continuing to make such progress.


Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

I am a software developer working primarily in Java and Javascript environments in Austin, TX, US.


For me, International Women’s Day means celebrating the contributions and sacrifices made by the women in my life. It reminds me to take a small break from my daily schedule and to be grateful to my mom, my teachers, my friends, my colleagues, my superiors who have collectively inspired me to be what I am today. It also reminds me that I too have a responsibility to nurture young minds. It reminds me to guide as many females as I can to not only dream about their successful future but also to strive to be the architect of their own dreams.


I think technology is a medium for #balanceforbetter. This year, I am planning to spend time with a local non-profit which helps young girls to understand the importance of STEM education. I would love to share stories about my role-models like Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer and many others; which I think is really inspirational to anyone who would like to follow a tech career.
In my workplace, I would like to be a part of the tech-sessions organized by different tech-groups. I would like to encourage others to participate in them as well. I have observed many females ignoring such opportunities due to a busy schedule or they think that such sessions are not relevant to their work. I think whatever little we understand from such opportunities creates an impact in our daily work. That also helps us to contribute better in meetings and thus improving our inclusion in critical decision-making across various tech projects.


My advice to developers in technology is talk to other developers. Not only you would learn a lot from your colleagues, it can inspire your curiosity. Attend tech-sessions, register and complete MOOC courses.


Stay blessed!
Happy Women’s Day!

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Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

I am a Full stack SW Engineer in Visa NP division. Being confident, initiative, bold and intelligent female is not an easy mission in our improving diverse reality.


-What does International Women’s Day mean for you?

I feel grateful and proud to where we are, how great as achievers are we and admit that there are still changes to happen.

-How do you plan to balance for better?

Trying to be unbiased, supportive and helpful human in this imperfect world.

-What advice do you have for developers in technology to push for progress in the workplace?

Always look at the big picture, try to see what you can bring to it, be initiative and love what you do


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Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

Working women are the true inspiration everyone. Technology like any other field was dominated by men but women are taking the tech world to new hights everywhere. There are many women working side by side with me in Visa and always inspiring me to be my best by being an example.


Thanks for being amazing!!


Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

Hi guys, This is Pragya. I work as a software developer  in Visa. I hail from Bhagalpur, a small town in Bihar. Coming from a small town and being a part of a lower-middle class family, it's not easy for you to break in the corporate world, especially if you are a girl. There are questions raised about the amount of money being spent on your education, the potential interactions with boys in a co-ed environment and everyone has an opinion as to what should be the ideal age for your marriage. I am fortunate that I have a very supporting family who always believed in me and provided me with all the possible opportunities to groom myself. International Women's Day, for me, is an acceptance of the important role that women play, in the myriad of the duties they perform at their household and workplace, and for which they are often denied their fair share of love and respect. It's a wake-up call for the world to free women from the shackles that they have been unjustifiably bound to. It's a celebration of the future that provides equal spaces, opportunities and respect to both men and women. But more than anything, it's a reflection of the fact that the New Women will not and shouldn't play second fiddle to men but rather hold hands with them and walk together towards our shared goals of progress, prosperity and excellence. Balancing for better entails a lot of challenges as well as responsibilities. 


In corporate and even in real world this is my advice for developers in technology to push for progress in the workplace.

  • It is about respecting the opposite gender everyday and not any particular day in the year and walking hands in hands for achieving both personal and professional goals.
  • It is about giving equal opportunities to the talent without being biased or making any strong opinions towards any specific gender.
  • It  is about collaborating with others for the best outcome which also leads to broad thinking due to interaction with diverse mindsets.
  • It is about supporting each other for every task without specifying any particular domain for a specific gender.
  • It is about being a leader and empowering and nurturing everyone around us by giving an impetus to their hidden potentialities.
  • It is about celebrating equality, fraternity, non-patriarchy and humanity. 




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Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

International Women’s Day, where we cherishes all women. One question always arises inside me that why we celebrate just one day or call out for Women’s success only for one particular day. Isn’t it should be continuous appraise going on throughout the year? They handle so many responsibilities at various forum and execute it without fail whether it is housekeeping things or if it is for their kids or for cooking or office work etc. For women in technology, we acknowledge those who have pushed the boundaries of the industry and are helping to strengthen workforces by making them more inclusive environments. As a forward-thinking and innovative step, it’s important for the tech industry to continue creating opportunities where women not only enter the industry, but break the gender ‘norms’ to lead.

As for encouraging the next generation, at a young age, girls need to see that there are more and more women with successful careers, who balance careers and families. As a society, we must encourage and empower girls to say yes to an opportunity and embrace it. we should also reflect on the differing and valuable perspectives that diverse voices bring to the table. 



In the technology field, there is also a misconception that you must have a strong technical background to get into the tech sector, but there is a broad range of roles that require less of a technical slant. My advice would be: ‘don’t be afraid to take on the challenge, and be assertive once you get into the role.’ The worst case is that you learn something new.

“It’s vital to get more women into the tech industry, for two reasons. Firstly, diversity is important. A team comprised of people with different backgrounds and an even balance of genders is more representative of the clients and customers for who you are building products. Secondly, the tech sector is growing, and it needs more people.


Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

What does International Women’s Day mean for you? 

Nothing everyday should be women’s day. Everyday women’s should get respect and treated equally. We don’t need some special treatment but it’s just we should not be undertreated.


How do you plan to #balanaceforbetter?

We should restrict the work and personal timings. Work hard during office hours and give your 100% and while you are attending your family or having personal time give it 100% there also. Clear line is what is very important.


What advice do you have for developers in technology to push for progress in the workplace?Keep learning whenever you get time.

Always be updated with the technology. We are in a very fast moving world and we need to keep ourselves updated.


Re: International Women's Day - Share Your Story!

Hello All,

Shrinidhi Sridhar is a young persevering FinTech aspirant with one and half year of corporate experience nurtured from VISA,India, straight after her graduation. She is part of the Site Reliability Engineering Team, which gives her an excitement of learning and solving new challenges everyday!!

What does International Women's Day mean for Shrinidhi?

International Women's day can be defined as  "E CARD"- a symbol of (Equality, Collaboration, Accomplishment, Respect, Dignity).

How does Shrinidhi balance for better?

Charity begins at home! So is 'balance for better' - a magnificent initiative. Shrinidhi always motivates every women and men starting from her family,friends,neighbors to workplace or any external location. She believes in spreading positive vibes and instigating fire,passion and respect towards women in society. The art of balance for better is to be interpreted by men as well because we need to grow, build and help each other as  a society. 

Advice for Push for Progress?

 Strive for a dream that dosen't let you sleep. Be confident and honest in what you do. Trust the fellow workers and enable success as a team rather than aspiring individual success.  This enables you to be not just successful, but a future Leader!!

- by Shrinidhi Sridhar