Native App Developers Numbers are Stagnant?

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Native App Developers Numbers are Stagnant?

I have noticed something interested as far as app development is concerned. I am sure some of you might have noticed it too


Just five years ago, senior developers with good IOS experience that were available for work were difficult to find. In fact even two years ago they were very hard to find. Even I had to go for this IOS app development company for one of my requirements for my business.  However this year, they are out their in the market but the number of native app developers are more or less stagnant. And there are some details that prove this is a fact


App Annie’s “State of Mobile 2019” hints about mobile maturity and app downloads have increased 5% from 2016 to 2018 while the app revenues increased 70%. As per the same report non-native cross-platform development platforms are seeing a good growth. Now today we can say that clients are more interested in developing cross platform apps.

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Re: Native App Developers Numbers are Stagnant?

Hey @StevenClark - thanks for sharing! This is very interesting to think about. It's always good to brush up on new coding skills. 


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