Visa Developer Webinar on How to Solve Your Digital Issuance Problems with Visa In-App Provisioning

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The world has long been trending towards being more digitally inclusive, and technologies have long been moving to be mobile first. Consequently, at Visa we make it our mission to enable digital card provisioning into mobile wallets by partnering with issuers, processors, and fintechs in the mobile payments space.



Join Shahzad, Nikhil, and George as they walk you through how the Visa In-App Provisioning API/SDK work, and how you can implement Visa In-App Provisioning as a solution.





What you can expect:

  • How Visa In-App Provisioning can help solves mobile wallet provisioning challenges
  • How Visa in-App Provisioning works
  • How to get a contract and implement Visa In-App Provisioning