New APIs Added to the Visa Developer Platform!

Community Scholar

We have updated the platform with new APIs. Here is some of what was part of the latest releases.


Product & API Onboarding – Merchant Measurement


For your Data and Analytics needs, check out the Merchant Measurement APIs. Gain insight on how well your merchant portfolios perform, by tracking sales metrics at multiple and geographic levels. What’s more, you can even compare performance against many locations that accepts Visa.


Imagine using an aggregated and unidentified transaction dataset that helps you compare sales growth and chargeback performance.


Measure merchant sales, enhance analytics services and identify top locations for customers based on industry and category.

Read the documentation and test the API here.


Two APIs Added to mVisa Set


mVisa rides the rails of the Visa Direct APIs by uniquely packaging the Funds Transfer API, offering a way to pay and be paid using mobile phones.


New to the list of APIs for mVisa will address a consumer canceling a purchase, or returning a good in part or in full, or the merchant agrees to return a part of the payment.


Merchandise Return Reversal POST/GET: Used to refund (full or partial) sale amount back to mVisa consumer.  A merchant may, at its discretion, process a credit into consumer account when a valid transaction was previously processed.


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