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The Visa Developer Center was just updated this week. Here’s some of what was part of that release


API Onboarding – Visa Offers Platform

Just in time for the Money 20/20 hackathon, Visa Developer Center now includes Visa Offers Platform. Currently, this is only available for trial use in the sandbox environment.


The Visa Offers Platform allows you to enhance your loyalty and offers programs in new and powerful ways by enabling timely location specific merchant promotions. Enhance card holder shopping experience by providing promotions to loyal customers immediately. Access to qualified Visa transaction data of enrolled cardholders.

For details, refer to Visa Offers Platform Documentation.


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New App Promotion Workflow – Request to go to Production

Experience an improvised and automated onboarding process to submit an application to Visa requesting a move to the production or certification environment.


Simply go to your Dashboard on the Visa Developer Center, select an app that you would like to promote, and click on App Promotion option in the left navigation bar. This will walk you through all steps needed for requesting an app promotion.




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