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Visa Developer Meetup Launches in Miami

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The Visa Developer Meetup is launching in a city near you.


Following the successful launch of the Visa Developer Meetup in San Francisco last summer, the Visa Developer team hit the road to bring this engaging event to developers in the Miami community this November. 


Developer Meetups create an additional channel for the Visa Developer product and technology teams to connect with external developers and innovators who are at the forefront of digital disruption and open dialogue on developing the next wave of innovative platforms and products.




The Miami Meetup took place at one of Visa’s global Innovation Center, which sits inside Visa’s Latin American and Caribbean Headquarters in Miami, Florida.




Developers had a chance to ask a panel of Visa leaders questions on the future of the Visa Platform and how Visa engages with Fintech startups.




The panel session was followed by developer demos including one from The Silverlogic Team, the winner of  the Visa Challenge at the Money 20/20 Hackathon. IMG_7525.JPG


The team showed how they used Visa APIs that enables peers to share parking spots to fulfill high parking demand in urban areas with excess supply of residential parking spots while allowing merchants to attract  customers by sponsoring parking spots. 


Developers from Matrix Labs also demoed “Visa Concierge” which uses the Matrix Creator as a hotel voice assistant payment processing via Visa Checkout.


More pictures and information on how to join the next developer Meetup in Miami on the Visa Developer Miami Meetup group page.  


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