Getting Visa API

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Getting Visa API

Hi, My name is Fred William Ferguson and am a lead developer at EasyPay.


I tried entering this data in your contact us form but it kept saying "invalid character in comment"


We were excited to register for this your developer API and intergrate but on requesting to go live we never got any feedback.

We figured it was cause of PCI complaince, so we setup our network with IDS, firewall etc to meet complaince, paid comodo (ASV) to perform pentests which we have passed. Contacting a QSA to make sure we become complaint etc.

The process has been painful and expensive. we have also partnered with UBA (United Bank of Africa) to become our issuing bank.

Are there any other requirements we need to meet to get your live API?

Contact me here;
office email:
phone: 00256751941765

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Re: Getting Visa API

Hi Fred, 


We have sent your request to CyberSource and the regional team will be reaching out to you.


If you have any further questions here feel free to email me at




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Re: Getting Visa API

Thank You