Re: Error message from Visa Direct

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Error message from Visa Direct


I got an error when pushing a fund. Can anyone help? Here is the request body:

{ "recipientState":"CA",














                                             "county":"San Mateo",




                           "name":"Visa Inc. USA-Foster City"}



Here is the respond message:

Message has failed validation: cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element 'ns2:OctV2V2Request' is not complete. One of '{senderDateOfBirth, senderReference, accountType, senderName, senderAddress, senderCity, senderPostalCode, senderFirstName, senderMiddleInitial, senderLastName, recipientName, recipientCountryCode, recipientCity, recipientFirstName, recipientMiddleInitial, recipientLastName, recipientCardExpiryDate, transactionFeeAmt, surcharge, nationalReimbursementFee, businessApplicationId, merchantCategoryCode, transactionIdentifier, purchaseIdentifier, sourceOfFundsCode, feeProgramIndicator, magneticStripeData, pointOfServiceData, pointOfServiceCapability, pinData, integratedCircuitCardData, chipConditionCode, secondaryId, merchantPseudoAbaNumber, merchantVerificationValue, sharingGroupCode, optionalResponseParameters, settlementServiceIndicator, otherPhoneNumber, otherEmailAddress, discountType, discountPromotionCode}' is expected.

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Re: Error message from Visa Direct

Hi @notooth,                             


Before you take the plunge into trying Visa Direct, have you read the Visa Direct documentation via this link yet -  
There's some really important information on this documentation located in the first few paragraphs and its highlighted in yellow, which discuss the Visa Direct requirements.
After reading the documentation, and if you meet the requirements highlighted in yellow, please fill out the Visa Direct Program Implementation Questionnaire and submit it to the email address listed on that form.
This is the appropriate process to start using Visa Direct since it's best for you to understand and confirm that you meet the Visa Direct requirements first.





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Re: Error message from Visa Direct

Hi @DianaTran-Yee,

I have read the document. I am wondering if I need to be a licensed Visa acquirer or be sponsored by a licensed Visa acquirer since I am just using the API in a sandbox to understand how it works.

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Re: Error message from Visa Direct

Hello @notooth,


The Visa Direct APIs can be used in the sandbox by any developer.  In order to enable transaction processing and settlement through Visa between the sending and receiving financial institutions, all pull payments and push payments must include an Acquiring BIN. Test Acquiring BINs are provided as part of the sandbox test data.


In order to use the Visa Direct APIs in production, the Originator must either be a Visa client financial institution (issuer or acquirer), a third-party Originator that has been granted a Visa acquirer POS license (geographical restrictions apply), or a third-party Originator that has established an acquiring relationship for that purpose with a Visa client financial institution. 


To get into production, you will need an acquirer who can sponsor you by providing BIN for processing settlement of your transaction and PCI/DSS compliance when you are working with PAN data. Therefore, you will also need PCI/DSS Compliance.


For production, you should have an existing relationship with a bank of any financial institution. We do not have any preference on the bank of any financial institution that you use. You will have to have a financial institution in with you for the settlement of transaction. Therefore, you need to contact a local financial institution of payment processing companies. Legal requirements are also dependent on local regulations. 

Getting into Production has two minimum requirements:
1. Relationship with a Visa Acquiring bank, which can sponsor your payments settlement by providing BIN
2. PCI/DSS Compliance


To learn more about Visa acquiring please navigate to - When contacting a Visa licensed acquirer, make sure to tell them you are looking for a Visa Direct acquirer. That is because not all Visa licensed acquirers are enabled to sponsor Visa Direct programs.


Hope that helps you to get started with learning more about Visa Direct!




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