Newbie Question - Visa Checkout Payment workflow

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Newbie Question - Visa Checkout Payment workflow

Hi guys,

I'm struggling a bit to understand the workflow of Visa Checkout

so I've managed to initialise the visa checkout button in my page, I have put through a payment which has returned a "success" result.

At this point is the payment made (as in funds are transferred)? Or do I need to do something further?

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Re: Newbie Question - Visa Checkout Payment workflow


Thanks for your question.


Please see the below code snippet. That particular callback function will be invoked upon a successful payment. So if you are getting a succesful message from that paticular function; that means the payment has been made successfully and you can display the response appropriately to the client in your web application.

Otherwise, if payment has been voided/canceled or unsuccessful, one of the other functions will be invoked in respective to the out come.


Hope this clarrifies and helps.

Should you need further information/clarification kindly revert back to us.


V.on("payment.success", function(payment)
		document.getElementById("id_contents").textContent = JSON.stringify(payment);
		alert("payment success");




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Re: Newbie Question - Visa Checkout Payment workflow

Thanks Lakshan - I was a bit thrown by the documentation which indicated that you had to send some kind of update after this.
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Re: Newbie Question - Visa Checkout Payment workflow


Just to provide you some additional information, which is, you have to make an update for the payment information upon client completion of making the payment from the VCO lightbox, if your payment processor or partner does not do that for you.

This confirms the completion of the order and payment.

Also this facilitates to calculate the final amount later with adding any shipping, discounts, etc.


There are two methods to make the update.


Option 1.

Place following "gif" image at the completion / order confirmation page (Ex: "Thank you" page) with specifying the apikey, callid, payment attributes, and so on as query parameters.

Please refer the "Visa Checkout Integration" guide for more information from page 67 onwards to understand all possible attributes you can specify.


<img src=“
apikey=...&callId=...&currencyCode=USD&total=11.00&subtotal=11.00” />

Option 2.

Make an API call to update the information.

Please refer the API reference in following page.


Hope this helps.

Should you need further clarifications/informaton do not hesitate to contact us again.




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Re: Newbie Question - Visa Checkout Payment workflow

Hello, I am a colleugue of the original poster. 

Thanks you very much for your detailed answer however i am still looking for some clarification. 

Currently we are getting a payment.sucess response from visa via the method mentioned in your first post. Are you able to confirm to me that this indicates a completed and successful order with no further steps for us to take? 

Is there anywhere in our dashboard that we are able to log successful sandbox payments received by Visa to confirm that our payment requests are successful.


Best regards


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Re: Newbie Question - Visa Checkout Payment workflow

Hi Lachlann,

Welcome and happy to assist.


"Payment.success" response is not the last step if you are a PCI compliant merchant.

You have to first decrypt the returned payload and display it to the customer to review and confirm.

Then you should update the final payment information. It may contain shipping charges, etc as well.


Please see my previous reply for more information on how you should do the payment update.

Also you may refer the diagram I have attached. 


If you are not a PCI compliant merchant and if there is a third party processor or acquirer involved on behalf you, then they will do the payment update for you. Also they suppose to decrypt the initial payload and pass it back to you to display on your merchant web page.


Hope this clarifies. 


Should you need further information and clarification, you may write to with refering to this thread for faster and further responses.


Thanks & regards






Re: Newbie Question - Visa Checkout Payment workflow

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