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Visa Checkout and Cybersource

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We are currenlty implementing visa checkout with Cybersource as our payment authorization. We currently are running into few issues which I want to highlight :-

  1. We have implemented visa checkout on payment page. So when a user comes to our site they enter their shipping address details (which is validated by Cybersource Delivery Address Validation Service), then proceed to enter billing address details and then they choose a shipping method. Post this when they select visa checkout as the payment option, and submit the details on the visa checkout pop up, they get landed to our order summary page. The problem now occurs with Cybersource payment authorization. What hapens is that the request to Cybersource contains shipping and billing addresses entered by customer but it also contains an encrypted data which was recieved from visa checkout and Cybersource is running the delivery address validation again on shipping address returned from visa checkout rather than using our shipping address, isn't this something weid and wrong as ideally the address sent should be validated rather than the one on encrypted data. 
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Re: Visa Checkout and Cybersource

Hi there, 


What is your CYBS ID and a request ID? We can look further into this for you.


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