Re: merchantPseudoAbaNumber in a pull transaction?

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merchantPseudoAbaNumber in a pull transaction?

Under the pull funds api:

the following field is mentioned:




string | Length: 9

This is a number that uniquely identifies the originator when they sign up to send Push Payment Gateway transactions. On enrollment, an originator will get a single pseudo-value that is assigned by Visa. The other networks will assign their own unique values for the originator.

Supported only in US for domestic transactions involving Push Payments Gateway Service.

Question: Since the note clarifies that it only pertains to transactions involving Push Payments Gateway Service, am I correct to assume that this field does not belong under the pull API documentation? If I am incorrect, then kindly clarify why the note singles out Push Payments Gateway Service.
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Re: merchantPseudoAbaNumber in a pull transaction?



Thanks for asking this really great question! merchantPseudoAbaNumber is an optional attribute that can be used under the PullFundsTransactions POST when the originator signs up to send Push Payment Gateway transactions, and this is currently only supported in the US for domestic transactions that involve Push Payments Gateway Service.


Visa Direct offers this really cool capability to push payments to other U.S. debit networks using the Visa Push Payments Gateway Service (PPGS) and the Funds Transfer APIs. PPGS lets originators send their PushFundsTransactions (OCTs) and PullFundsTransactions (AFTs) to Visa so that they can route to multiple U.S. debit networks. 


Hope that provides the helpful clarification you're looking for and look forward to reading more community forum posts from you!


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Re: merchantPseudoAbaNumber in a pull transaction?

Thanks for the reply.


I understand now where I am misunderstanding. My point of confusion was that I thought that the Push Payments Gateway Service was just a fancy name for the OCT Push transaction under the FundsTransfer API.


Apparently, it is a separately classified service altogether, as the VISA docs is using the same terminology to explain as follows:


The Funds Transfer API also supports the Visa Push Payments Gateway Service (PPGS) which allows originators to send PullFundsTransactions (AFTs) and PushFundsTransactions (OCTs) to multiple U.S. debit networks. Visa PPGS offers clients the following benefits:


PPGS is provided through the Funds Transfer API by fillling out some extra fields in the Funds Transfer API, which includes both AFT and OCT. As it encompasses both AFT and OCT, it is clear that their naming is rather confusing. A better naming might have been:

Auxilliary Networks Funds Transfer Service as empowered through Funds Transfer API.