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visa paywave SDK


As part of the a POC we want to integrate Visa Paywave reader using NFC in android devices. Could you please provide if any VISA specific SDK exist.

I've tried with Generic NFC reader, but could not able to read the card details, getting null instead. If possible can you provide NFC mode and Encryption details if any.

Mohammed Mansoor

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Re: visa paywave SDK

Hi Mohammed,


Visa currently does not have a SDK to share externally. There are however a number of external vendors and resources that should be useful. Could you explain your use case in more detail and we could try and point you in the right direction?”


Thank you,


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Re: visa paywave SDK

We are working on making NFC  reader as the one option to auto fill card details in mobile payment page. It would be great if sdk is capable of reading all kind of credit and debit cards. More over, may i know what kind of intent i need to register to capture visa card details corrclty(NDEF_DISCOVERED,TAG_DISCOVERED etc).

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Re: visa paywave SDK

Hi. We are looking for the same issue. In our android app we want use android device with NFC module for read card data and make card present transactions using Maybe you can take some useful links about using NFC reader for this issue?


Re: visa paywave SDK

Hi Ricardo, my name is Jonathan Rojas from NovoPayment, nice to meet you.

Could you help me on where can I get some developers info for Visa Pay Wave? We want to develop a mobile wallet with the hability to implement NFC Payments.


Thanks for your support.



Jonathan Rojas

Mobile Apps Coordinator at NovoPayment, Inc.