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MLE tutorial

I found a link to add MLE to SOAPUI - How to run SoapUI during MLE Testing using Two-way... - Visa Developer Community -

and on it it indicates I should import the REST project MLTEST-soapui-project.xml - and to unzip attached  But after, scanning the page and searching the site, I have yet to find the file.  I am getting ready to unit test a MLE required visapayouts/vi/payouts  -  I would like to know what the expected results are for specific test cases and if they will run at all - prior to running through our code for a baseline.


fyi,  I sincerely believe you need to rethink how you provide testing data.  I can go to a "test data" link in the project and see a bunch of property keys and values - not very helpful.  Or, I can go the the api documentation and select api - where I get one example test of the api and note several (if not all) of these apis have various combinations of input for different output results.  


So, if someone could send me a link to the file above or a location on this site where it is available, I would greatly appreciated it.  If it does not exist, would someone indicate how to set up SOAPUI to test your apis without it?


Also, it also mentions in the tutorial that similar MLE functionality would be available for postman in the future (future ? not specified)  Does this exists? 


What would be helpful is a project for each api providing a series of tests and results, with and without MLE in postman or soapUi.  Then your time needed with the client programming team would likely decrease.

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Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: MLE tutorial

Hi @billb,


Thank you for your feedback on how to improve our test data. I will share it with our product team for future enhancements. 


Please checkout the below link for using Postman to test MLE:


The is located at the end of the article. Please see below screenshot for reference.


Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any questions/feedback.


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