How will get new acont visa net

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How will get new acont visa net

Hi will help my pleasa hau will get new acont visa net ? Or visa direct acont
Pleasa help my ?
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Re: How will get new acont visa net

Hey @Markus,


I'm happy to help! If you're looking for direct access to VisaNet, then take a look at the Visa Payments Processing APIs. Links are given below.
VPP Overview - 
VPP Documentation - 

For Visa Direct, take a look at this documentation link. 

In particular, see the top few paragraphs, in the grey box with the exclamation mark, that talks about the requirements to use Visa Direct.

If you meet the Visa Direct requirements, then fill out the Visa Direct Program Implementation Questionnaire and submit it to the email address listed on that form. There's a link to the questionnaire within the grey box that discuss the requirements.


Hope that helps!




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