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Make payments

I have a project and I want to increase the payment methods, including visa, what I want to do is for the client to enter to pay and enter their data such as name, surname, card number, date, etc. and when paying, the charge is made and that charge reaches my bank account would like to know which API is the right one.

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Re: Make payments

Hi @cynthia-ops,


You can Browse All Product Documentation here: 

On the left of the page you can filter your search by check marking the appropriate checkboxes that fit your use case (refer to screenshots below).


For example, since your use case is on payments, under the Capabilities section you can check the boxes that say Digital Payments, Payment Methods, and Push Payments (first screenshot). 



You can filter your search more by check marking the box that indicates what type of client you are (second screenshot).

available use.png



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