VISA-B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

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VISA-B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

In regional availability document in, I noticed that there are some restrictions on B2B Virtual Account Payment Method products; These limitations are "Processor Integration/Adjustable Limit Functionality not available in Asia-Pacific." I don't know what Processor Integration is or what Adjustable Limit functionality is.

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Re: VISA-B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

Hi @waelzhang,


Adjustable Limit accounts are accounts where we go to the processor and update the actual credit limit on the account.  For this, we need a direct interaction with the processor (e.g. setting account limits, getting cards, closing cards, etc.). We do not have any integrations with processors in the AP region.  For this use case, we recommend Pseudo accounts.  These accounts do not require processor integration because we only need a single account from the bank/ issuer and then we provision child accounts (pseudo accounts) from our Visa token vault.  This is the most common setup for AP region. Then we set authorization based controls on these accounts, e.g. account can be only used for up to $500 and X Merchant Categories are blocked. 



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Re: VISA-B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

Hi DianaTran-Yee,

thank you for your help. That worked for me!