VTS Provisioning and Lifecycle Management API

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VTS Provisioning and Lifecycle Management API

Hello Visa Team,


We are developing Mobile Application on-behalf of the bank for VISA Tokenization. I have registered as a Visa Developer account wherein I can see only the name of the APIs in VTS Provisioning but I could not add those APIs in my project (Visa Sandbox).

Please  advise us the process to avail the API or any VISA representatives details to get the onboarding done as soon as possible. Thank You.


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Re: VTS Provisioning and Lifecycle Management API

Hey @paul_earnest,


Great to hear you're interested in our VTS P&LM API! VTS P&LM is a restricted API. Can you please let me know if you have requested VTS P&LM content access yet? I know that if you don't have content access to the API then you won't be able to add it to sandbox for testing. If you need to request VTS P&LM content access then please email developer@visa.com. Someone will be happy to help!



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