Re: How to use Visa Account Updater (VAU)

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How to use Visa Account Updater (VAU)

We are a merchant who uses as Gateway but's account updater is deleting cards automatically causing more declines. Can we use VISA's VAU feature directly and update credit card info in our Payment gateway as or any other gateway in the future? 

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Re: How to use Visa Account Updater (VAU)

Thank you for reaching out, @shreyassali! An agent is looking into this for you and will get back to you shortly. If any community members happen to know the answer, please feel free to respond in this thread. - Jenn

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Re: How to use Visa Account Updater (VAU)

Hi @shreyassali,


Visa Account Updater is only available for use by Issuer Banks. If you are not an issuer or not an issuer processor, then this API will not be a good fit for your use case. However, if you do want to have access to Visa Account Updater, then you will need to work with an acquirer to implement either the batch file or Real Time VAU.



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