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Tokenization Error Cybersource


Good day to all, I just want to ask if anybody also experience using Cybersource Tokenization of card is returning below error.What I did 

is generating of key. I am using EncryptionType:None and tried using test card which is visa 4111111111111111 card type is 001. 

Response from Generate key :


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 10.47.06 PM.png

Request : 


Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 10.46.22 PM.png


Response : 

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 10.42.36 PM.pngI do appreciate help. I am really struggling for couple of weeks. I switched to encryption type to none from RsaOaep256 but still the same error encounter. Thank you

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Re: Tokenization Error Cybersource



Looks like you are using Post Man Rest Client. Visa has provided instructions for testing x-pay-token based APIs using SOAP UI in the below link.


Please try using that and kindly share the below to if you still face issues.


1. Endpoing URL & Request Body

2. Request Header

3. Response

4. Response Header

5. Groovy Script





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Re: Tokenization Error Cybersource

Solved this problem?

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Re: Tokenization Error Cybersource

Cybersource Point-to-Point integration allows you to process authorization and deposit transactions between CWSerenade and Cybersource using point-to-point communication UPSers. Authorization and deposit processing remains the same in CWSerenade.