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I have Sandbox working, I want to see the transactions happening

Hi Experts,


I explored sandbox and now i want to see the transactions happening and would like to see the history with respect to a customer card, how can i do that?


Currently I can see the request is successful and it all looks good. But I am not able to see the actual transaction which is happening. What I mean is with some payment gateways we could see the charges we are pulling in via test mode and thus we have a consolidated list of all the transactions. I am looking for something like that experience in sandbox, but haven't found anything.


I believe going to production can be one thing, but is there any way I can see the transaction details and history from the sandbox?


Appreciate the help! thanks in advance.


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Re: I have Sandbox working, I want to see the transactions happening

Hi @masiddiqui91


The transactions that you see in the sandbox is canned data. To see the real time transactions, you will have to take your project to higher environment, which is certification and then production. 


Please follow the instructions at the link below to submit the Going-Live request 


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