Pull funds CVV validation

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Pull funds CVV validation

Is the cardCvv2Value (Card Verification Value) validated in respect to primaryAccountNumber by Pull Funds Transaction using the Visa Direct API or does it need to be validated using other API?


Will transaction proceed with an incorrect value?
In the sandbox it allows any value, even including characters.



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Re: Pull funds CVV validation

Hi @Wilson


When you call the Payment Account Validation API, an Account Verification will always be performed for the requested account. The Action Code in the response message indicates the result of the verification check. If there are no negative conditions, and the account is in good standing, the Action Code will contain code 00 (approved) or code 85 (no reason to decline) and an Approval Code will be included in the response message. For unsuccessful verifications, the issuer or Visa (acting on the issuer's behalf) will return an appropriate negative response code. You can find a complete listing of all of the Action Code values on the Request and Response Code Reference.

In addition to Account Verification, you must perform either an Address Verification or a CVV2 Validation (or both) on the requested account. The API determines which of the optional services to perform based on the presence or absence of additional fields in the request message.


VDP Sandbox is a test environment hence actual cards will not give proper response. Please use test data from VDP Portal for sandbox calls.


For actual cards, production access would be needed.


Let me know if you have any additional questions. 


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