Feb 2020: New PW and Registration Changes for Visa Developer Users

Community Scholar

Starting February 29, 2020 , there will be new registration and password changes to manage your Visa Developer account. 


In order to ensure your data is secure when using developer.visa.com, we have made some changes to the way we manage your website accounts, and the way you log into Visa Developer Center. We hope these changes showcase how important your data and security is to us, and how we value you as a user.


What is changing


  • For existing users, upon first successful login, you will be prompted to set 4 challenge questions before being taken to your project dashboard.
    • These challenge questions will be shown randomly for future verification during the reset password process.
  • When you want to reset your password or forget your password, answer one of the challenge questions correctly, and you will be prompted to reset.


Benefits to you:


  • Enables you to better manage your account. This means less reaching out to our support team for help when your password is locked, or you forgot your password.
  • You can change your challenge questions or password whenever you like using the “Account Settings” page.


If you have any questions feel free to comment below, post your question on our forums or email us at developer@visa.com.