Ready to Go Live with Your Project?

Community Scholar

Based on feedback we’ve received from you, we have launched new features and a step-by-step guide to help you through the process of going live.


It all starts in your project dashboard, by selecting ‘Going Live’. The new dashboard now walks you through the detailed steps and processes to complete the application for the credentials for your project.


Keep in mind, based on your profile and your project’s use case, you will be asked to provide specific details that will help Visa evaluate your request and provide you with terms and pricing for the Visa capabilities that you identified for your project.


Here's information you will be expected to provide to us (get more details in our guide here😞


  1. Register Your Company
  2. Provide Project Information (i.e. specific use case details)
  3. Client Onboarding Form
  4. Certificate Signing Request

Once you’ve submitted all the required information you will receive an email with your credentials which you will need to use to chain your certificate into the key store. The new going live guide also has more details on:


  • Creating Keystores
  • Using Java Keytool
  • Using Open SSL


If you’ve reached this step in the process, signed all necessary contracts and your credentials are integrated into your project, you are ready to start testing in production!


Make sure to take a moment to read through the Going Live guide which has all the details and steps you need to know. As always, reach out with any questions.