Visa Developer Platform Sandbox & Certification Environment Migration to a New API Routing Model

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The Visa Developer Platform will be migrating to a new Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider.


The Visa Developer Platform leverages CDN services aiming to ensure highest level of performance for all of our users globally. By leveraging CDN services, our goal is that all users, regardless of location, will experience fast load times while browsing our site & configuring their API solutions and experience high performance while using the API solutions.


We will be migrating from our current CDN provider (Akamai), to drive towards an improved user experience. The routing model for API gateways for certification and sandbox environments ( and respectively) will be migrated to direct routing.


As a result of these planned improvements to our API gateways, there may be action needed at your end. If you are only inspecting the root certificate presented by our API gateway endpoint, no action is needed at your end.


If you are inspecting the leaf or intermediate certificate presented by our API gateway endpoints, you will need to take the actions below.


Actions Needed



If you are inspecting our leaf and/or intermediate certificate you will need to install the certificates listed in the “New Certificates for Upcoming Renewals” section of the PKI page listed below into your trust stores. This action will need to be taken for the trust store associated with each environment connection you are making. The new intermediate & leaf certificates are at the link below and will work for both of your VDP environment connections.  Please update your trust stores with this, for your certification & sandbox environments.


If action is not taken by the dates listed below, your API traffic for the specific environment, will be impacted.


Please do not remove the previously trusted certificate at this time. You may remove the old certificates from your trust store if needed after the dates listed below:


Environment Install by Date for New Certificate Date to Remove Previous Certificate 05/14/2020 06/01/2020 05/21/2020 06/01/2020


Please reach out to your Visa account team or Visa Developer support on our forums or email at