Visa Digital Solutions Unification with Visa Developer Center

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Visa Token Services and Visa Checkout APIs have been available on the Visa Developer Center ( since the launch of Visa Developer in February 2016.


These products are also available to be managed from Visa Digital Solutions Platform ( for Sandbox and for Production). Until now, developers seeking to utilize Visa Checkout or Visa Token Services through the Visa Developer Center were required to register and maintain accounts on Visa Digital Solutions Platform as well, though developers registered on Visa Digital Solutions Platform were not required to register on Visa Developer Center. In short, this resulted in developers managing multiple sets of login credentials to access multiple portals, with completely different experiences and overlapping functionality. 


This has long been a key customer pain point and cause for confusion.  One of Visa’s tenets is to offer a simple consistent “One Visa” experience with improved and streamlined onboarding and integration management work-flows for developers interested in Visa’s Digital Services including Visa Checkout and Visa Token Services through Visa Developer Center.


As of April 2, 2018 Visa has unified the Visa Digital Solutions platform with the Visa Developer Center to provide a seamless integration experience.


The key benefits include:


  • Single-Portal, Single-Sign-On:  Use a single account on Visa Developer Center to use Visa Checkout or Visa Token Services for end to end developer configuration management.
  • Product Settings Available in Project: Access Visa Checkout and Visa Token Services profiles and configurations pages via your project on Visa Developer Center.
  • Swift Path to Production: Direct merchants have a seamless path to request production credentials for their project.


What has changed for you as of April 2, 2018?


If you had an account on Visa Digital Solutions Platform (


  • When you visit Visa Digital Solutions Platform (, your browser will be automatically redirected to Visa Developer Center (
  • You will be able to use your existing password from Visa Digital Solutions Platform ( to login on the redirected site i.e. Visa Developer Center ( via the “Sign-In” link on the top of the page.  However, if you already had an account on Visa Developer Center (, your login credentials from Visa Developer Center will be honored and will not change.
  • Once logged in on the Visa Developer Center, you can find your Visa Checkout or Visa Token Services project (migrated/copied from your Visa Digital Solutions Platform account) located under the Project Dashboard for easy access to the API keys, credentials, and documentation.
  • Note – if you had an existing Visa Checkout or Visa Token Services Project on Visa Developer Center in our Sandbox, you may need to re-create the project to get the full experience.


Frequently Asked Questions?


  1. Will my Sandbox API credentials and or Production API credentials still work after this account migration? Yes, your runtime credentials will still work.  You do not need to create or generate new API keys for Sandbox or Production.
  2. I tried to login and I was asked to activate my account.  What is this? As a part of migrating accounts to Visa Developer Center, for your protection we’d like you to simply revalidate your account.  You will receive an email to do so.  Just click the link provided in the email and you’re done!
  3. How do I get access to my product profiles and configuration pages? Your profiles and configuration pages are located in your Project Dashboard via the “Configurations” link provided in the Left Navigation bar.  Once you select this option, you will see Visa Checkout or Visa Token services listed in the main pane.  Select the accordion menu icon next to the API to reveal the links to the product specific profiles and configurations.
  4. Why can I no longer select Visa Token Services during project creation? Please refer to our updated Visa Token Services product documentation page for additional information.  If you’re still interested in using Visa Token Services and believe you meet the requirements, please reach out to us at


As always, we strive to provide an easy-to-use experience that empowers developers to integrate swiftly, test comprehensively.  We welcome your feedback.  Let us know how we’re doing!  Please submit feedback via the Feedback menu on the right side of the page, or email