Watch: How to Integrate Visa Checkout Mobile SDK for Swift Mobile

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Written By: Vincent Hesener, Lead SW Engineer


"Sometimes a gift is not a gift until it is wrapped"

                - Someone smart, probably


Visa Checkout is a product with two sets of customers. On one hand, there are the millions of users that have a Visa Checkout account and rely on the trusted name of Visa to house their credit card information to pay for things. On the other hand, the Visa Checkout SDK's customers are the merchants who must integrate the Visa Checkout button into their apps and sites. Visa Checkout cannot be used for purchases without the Visa Checkout SDK.


We recently interviewed a sample of merchants using Visa Checkout SDK and took notes. Lots of notes. We heard a common theme; that the Visa Checkout Mobile SDK was difficult to integrate with.


Since then, we have given the Visa Checkout Mobile SDK an entire makeover. Everything from integration steps, to class names, to file sizes, to documentation has been completely redesigned with merchant integration usability in mind.


Here is a video of how easy it is to integrate the Visa Checkout Mobile SDK into an Swift mobile app. In just 90 seconds, merchants can begin providing their customers a safe, easy way to pay for items.


Check it out and stay tuned for more Visa Checkout Mobile SDK usability improvements.


Click here to watch.

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