Accessing Credit Card Transactions

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Accessing Credit Card Transactions

My company has written an expense management system that allows people to submit their expense reports electronically.  


One of our beta test customers has requested a specific piece of functionality, that makes sense and we are trying to provide if possible.  They want to access the credit card transactions and import them into expense tool and allow useres to match up their transactions with the expenses they are reporting.


However, the only API that I could find based on its description is Visa Business Data Solutions, which is restricted to issuers/processors as a rule.  Is there another API that allows for the extraction os card tranasactions that I am missing?


Also, based on the description it is usable for o nly commerical accounts, our customer has a number of employees that use their personal credit cards when they travel, would I be able to use this API to extract those transactions as well?  (The fact that the employee would have to provide authorization / credentials is expected)  


Thanks in advance for your help / advice.



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Re: Accessing Credit Card Transactions

Hi @ScottS,


Have you seen the Digital Card and Account Services documentation yet? If you haven't, here's the link - This API also works with cardholder information and could be useful to your business case.


Please know that, if you're the merchant then you have the transaction data. If you work with the merchant or the acquirer then you'll have access to the transaction data. My suggestion to you, is for you to reach out to your issuer bank for such arrangement. Their the one doing the settlement of your transactions, therefore, they'll be able to provide this data on a regular basis. Transaction data will only be available at the banks level. You can create features to get that data from banks or store it in your APP at your end.


Moving onto the next topic, being that Visa Business Data Solutions APIs are a restricted product, would you like to take the first step and submit a content access request to From there, the Developer Support Team will work with you to submit your request to the product team for review of your business case, and if you're a good fit, the product team will approve your request and you'll get access to this API information in no time. Please reach out to to learn more!




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