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Independent Software Vendor which API

In Chile we have just one provider for VISA payments (transbank webpay), which actually has very poor support for international credit cards (CCs issued in another country which is not Chile normally fail transactions)

I would like to develop a general solution as a wordpress plugin for different eCommerce websites working directly with the VISA Api so that all CCs will be accepted.

I am struggling though to see which API to use:
Checkout API
and/or CyberSource Payment API

It seems to me that the checkout API is too direct and demands a user to make a profile and store it's CC details first. I would prefer a more general gateway which allows users to insert their data every time, so that no data get stored.

The CyberSource API seems more complex and appropriate but I have the impression it is only made for merchants directly, so I could only sandbox develop but no make productive Tests.

Is that right? which API would I have to choose to develop a new gateway which uses VISA's API and not the one of an intermediary?


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Re: Independent Software Vendor which API

If you don't wish to work with TransBank, who are you planning to work with for transaction processing and settlement, which will come through different ecommerce websites you are planning to integrate with as part of your solution

Please share more details of your use case so that we can better guide you to the most appropriate API for you.

Thank you



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Re: Independent Software Vendor which API

thanks for the answer Martin...

Following your website APIs descriptions I see this:
Cybersource payments are optimized for merchants, ISV's and aquirers
VISA Direct is optimized for merchants and ISV's

A Chilean merchant offering products can only sell internationally by implementing PayPal gateway or something similar.
If he only implements Transbank (under the wrong impression that Transbank supports worldwide VISA cards) he will not be able to sell to any foreigner using a VISA card issued outside Chile.
Paypal has the disadvantage that to retire funds, you need to contract an additional service (Multicaja)
I want to develop a plugin, where the merchant can include his bank data, and by using the payment gateway, the clients card-issuer bank will transfer the funds to the merchants bank. if, off course, all transactional details are OK.

As I was living in Switzerland I could use my VISA card to make transactions all over the world (Amazon, UK, Germany, etc.) without recurring to Paypal.
Now as I live in Chile, I cannot use my Swiss VISA for transactions within CHile if the store implements only transbank webpay.
The foul thing on this is that Transbank doesn't tell the merchants that they won't be able to sell to people which do not have a chilean VISA card. So there are pretty much stores which only have a transbank implementation of webpay.

I thought to develop a plugin which replaces the need for merchants to implement transbank and paypal. and offer them one solution.
But perhaps I got mislead by the tags "optimized for merchants and ISV's"

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Re: Independent Software Vendor which API

Hi Canelo, 


Thanks for explaing, very interesting use-case.


I believe this may be a bit out of our scope to be able to answer without all the required information.


I am working with my team to see how we can help. I will get back to you soon. 




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Re: Independent Software Vendor which API

thanks for the info


Re: Independent Software Vendor which API

Is it possible to implement independent vendor to my site ? 

Just curious