Visa Transaction Control - Customer rules - For use on tokens

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Visa Transaction Control - Customer rules - For use on tokens



We at MeaWallet are working with close to 50 banks, issuers & fintechs helping them with VTS and mobile/digital payments. 


We want to provide a "Token Control" product and I want to understand if we can use the Visa Transaction Control/CustomerRules API for this. 


Can we use and then set specific limitations/alerts on a token level? 


Example use case(s): 

  • Anna has a Visa card, and have added her card to Google Pay as well as Netflix (VTS for eCommerce / token-on-file).
  • She opens her bank app and can see a list of all tokens connected to her card.
  • She selects the "Netflix token" and activates an alert so she gets a notification every time the token is used for a transaction. 
  • She selects the "Google Pay token" and activates a spend control/limit of USD50 per transaction. 
  • Anna goes to the store and tries to pay USD60 with Google Pay. The transaction is declined and Anna receives a notification that her Google Pay transaction was declined due to the active spend limit

Is this possible or can it only be done on a PAN/card level?


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Re: Visa Transaction Control - Customer rules - For use on tokens

Hi @meawallet 

As per the new mandate of VTS, CTF (Cloud Token Framework) should be implemented to enable the device binding for those Tokens provisioned from TR / Merchant App.

Using CTF, From Issuer Wallet(Bank) App the user can easily register / delete those tokens used by third party. 

Further more, on the spending limit etc are done using the Transaction Control API. 


Thank You