New on Forum: Use-Case Ideas

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New on Forum: Use-Case Ideas

Having trouble finding which API to use for a specific problem? 


Share your Use-Case in the "Use-Cases" Forum Topic Board and we will make sure to help you by pointing you to the right product and API. 


Here's how to post in this section:

1. Click "Ask a Question"

2. Type your Use-Case in the Topic title

3. Select "Use-Cases" for Board Type

4. Post Question 


Let us know if you have any questions. 


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Re: New on Forum: Use-Case Ideas

Hi, my name's Antonio and I live in Brazil. MY problem is with the Open SSL program to generate the certificate. Already the SOAP UI to test seems to be easier. But it's harder than I imagined because I can not generate the PASSWORD command when I press ENTER an error occurs. I have attached the project photo and the OPENSSL screen. OPEN AND CHECK THE FILE.