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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hello everyone! My name is Braulio and I'm co-founder and CTO at Pungle.  We are building a real-time payments platform for businesses in Canada using Visa Direct.  

We are always digging through the Forum and hope this community continues to grow so that we can help each other solve our unique challenges in our own regions.


Keep it up Visa team!



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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.



Asif Chaudhry here - I serve as Card Svcs Manager for Alternatives FCU, a small CDFI credit union located in Upstate NY.


I am still learning the basics of API programming and development, and have joined the Developer Center to help increase my knowledge and expertise and see how we can utilize the Developer assets to improve the mobile experience for our membership.


Looking forward to the journey!



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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hello Visa Dev Commuity! 


My name is Justin Langley, and I am a Project Manager at BeMyApp, specializing in hackathons and developer events. I have worked with Visa and Visa developers at the Money 20/20 hackathons, Code AutoMobility L.A., and more! I look forward to engaging Visa developers on Community here and at future events. Let me know if you have any hacakthon related questions -





Race Vanderdecken, Software Architect development two Visa Push Payment mobile applications

Hi All,

I am Race Vanderdecken, and I am a software architect working on two Visa push payment application designs and implementations. The iOS app is currently planned using AWS cloud integration as the background system. Other mobile platforms will be rolled out as staffing increases. Hopefully, the product will be used worldwide once available. The goal of the application is to allow payment to small vendors in real-time.


I live in a rain forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. I have just recently completed my Bachelor's degree in IT Management Information Systems with Operations Management from the University of North Carolina.

I would love to be able to work on a project with other developers as an intern to gain insight into the Visa Developer design to product chain.


I am working on my AWS Solutions Architect certification and ITIL Foundations.


While I am new to the developer program I know it is the right place to grow my designs and applications. Visa Developer program could help if they provided examples of how others are connected from Cloud to sandbox. Though that might exist already and I have just not found the link to the information.


I look forward to the success of all of you,

-Race Vanderdecken

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.


I'm Bruno Roques, from Valence in france, working as a Functional Architect for e-payment solutions at Conduent - public transport.

It's 26 years I'm working in the e-payments domain. Currently I'm shaping our company's ticketing system for public transports to offer mass transit users tapping their contactless EMV card on public transport validation equipment so to get on board and pay their transit fare "cashless and ticketless".

Hope to find nice food for thought in the Visa Developer Community.




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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hello World!

My name is Franco. I'm from Perú, I have a StartUp and I started code in Android and iOS two years ago. I designed and devolp an app for payments without using a POS, so I'm very interesed in know all the Visa APIs that can help me throu my goals. I expect this forum can help me to solve any questions and if is possible help the community too.


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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hi, all,

 This is Enrique from Zaragoza, Spain.

I work as a software developer. We support payments as payment facilitator for Latin America.

Best regards,



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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hi Team,


This is Gaurav Shukla here working in Visa Denver as Java Developer for our Enhanced Visa Services (EVS) team. I am orginally from Mumbai, India and went to school at University of Colorado Boulder. I have been with visa for over 2 and half years. I would be open to meet and greet with sharing of ideas talking about the new trending stuff and any cool products available on VDP.

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hello community
My name is Steven Arias, I am a developer in a company focused on business services.
We are innovating with our customers and we are the first to implement in the country (Costa Rica) the communication with the new Visa API.

We hope to continue growing hand in hand.

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Re: Welcome! Introduce yourself here.

Hi I’m Ainsworth Spence with, im from Jamaica and live in Lantana Florida.

We’re a data management system for the travel and hospitality industry.

Our goal is to reduce payment friction and simplify travel services.

We’re excited to learn more and share our knowledge.