Chatbots and Commerce - Live Coding!

Community Scholar

Erico Rodrigues  

Visa Director Solution Architecture

Erico Rodrigues is IT Technical graduate at High School, Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, with post-graduation in IT and PMO. He has been at Visa for 5 years. He’s responsible leading Solution Design implementation using mostly VISA’s API and third party payments technology. He has + 13 years of experience in Telecom/IT/Payment industries. He’s passionate about learning new technologies. 

Watch this webinar to learn the fundamentals behind integrating Visa APIs into the chatbot experience—including how to build our Foreign Exchange Rate API into a messenger application. Join Erico in this live coding session to learn how to configure Visa Developer certificats and so much more!     




After watching this webinar, developer will be able to:

  • Learn how to configure VDP certificates in VDP environment
  • Setup Facebook Messenger account
  • Setup and configure Chabot service in your local machine
  • *Mostly tools and requirements are open source. Visa does not have any
    responsibility about it.

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