Invoke an API using X-Pay Token


Visa Developer sandbox secures connections with clients by using one of two authentication methods to invoke an API. Last month’s Visa Dev Webinar covered the Two-way SSL method (watch recording here). Now, it’s time for you to learn all about X-Pay Token and which APIs require this method…and why? 

We’ve recruited two of our own X-Pay Token pros to host this hands-on developer training. Watch this webinar to join Saranya Rammohan and Abhishek Yadav who will not only walk us through the existing developer documentation on the topic, but will also guide us through new helpful tips and tricks for running an X-Pay Token connection. Plus, exclusively for the webinar, you will get to watch how to test the connection using Postman, this is a tutorial we have not shared on our developer center until now. Be one of the first to learn how Visa does it.



Here’s what you can expect:


  • Know what HTTP Request is - what do the body and headers look like?
  • An overview of which APIs require X-Pay Token (save time spent on research for testing)
  • The basics – what is X-Pay Token and why use it?
  • A demo of X-Pay Token that tests connection using Postman