Payments 101 with Square and Marqeta

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Digital transactions are the backbone of many online experiences—but the process behind them can be complex. That’s why we’ve created the Payments 101 webinar for developers to learn the ins and outs of the payments ecosystem—from developers in the payments space.

Watch the Payments 101 Webinar and learn about the opportunities for innovation in payments. Hear from experts at Marqeta, Square and Visa as they dive deep into the payments ecosystem to help you start developing the next commerce solution. Speakers Ahmed Siddiqui, VP of Product Management at Marqeta, and Carl Perry, Developer Platform Lead at Square, will be joining us for our first highly-requested Payments 101 webinar.




After watching this webinar, developer will be able to:

  • The ecosystem of payments, from issuers to acquirers
  • Spaces for innovation in the payments landscape
  • How knowing digital payments can help you code better experiences 

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