Run a Visa Direct Transaction Using Python in 1 hr or Less


Give us 1hr and we'll help you learn how to run a Visa Direct transaction using Python. Shave off some valuable minutes spent  testing Visa Direct by getting code snippets and a step by step live training from one of our SW Engineers. 

Watch our Visa Direct Using Python webinar for a hands on guide on how to establish a connection with SB using "Hello World" in Python. Get the sample code you need below and also listen to the live Q&A. It’s a topic many of you are now asking for more of, so stay tuned for the next Visa Direct webinar from @jmedlen.




Here’s what you can expect:


  • Watch a quick demo on creating a Visa Direct Project
  • Get tips on how to test the connection with SBX using “Hello World” in Python
  • Learn how to utilize Python to run a Visa Direct transaction in an hour