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Opaque payment card (OPC

I am developing an android application and have function to add Credit/Debit cards(all are Visa cards) to the Google pay.

For that, I need to create OPC. I got to know that Visa developed a code sample to build OPCs and they can share that with you directly. Can you share me the code?

Guide from Google Pay document said that i have to contact to Visa support to get code:

I using this api:
Also I had read some topic but same you only send by DM.

Hope you can help


Visa Developer Support Specialist
Visa Developer Support Specialist

Re: Opaque payment card (OPC

Hi @victorydst3,


Based on your use case, please check out Visa In-App Provisioning on Visa Developer. Visa In-App Provisioning enables issuers and partners such as Mobile App Developers, Processors, Fintechs and Solution Providers to more easily implement a "Add to Apple Pay1, Google Pay2 or Samsung Pay3" button in mobile banking applications. 


Please also check out the below blog to learn more about Visa In-App Provisioning:



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