New Tools: Visa Global Accessibilty Requirements

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Accessible products are better products. 


We're excited to share our version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, translated for designers, developers and testers to more easily and consistently create accessible products. We're calling it the Visa Global Accessibility Requirements (VGAR).

Learn about users with disabilities and keep these users in mind as features, designs, interactions, and code decisions are made and evaluated. Accessibility is not a fix; it's a process.


We put a lot of time into creating a set of clear and concise requirements that worked for Visa products and it just made sense to share the requirements with others. Your situation may require different or modified requirements, but we invite you to take a look at what we use and contribute to a more accessible web for everyone!


Get all the information you need and view the VGAR requirements for free here.






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It was a crazy experience, we learned so much and tried a lot, thanks for the great opportunity and the awesome tools that you provide. Accessibility is not a fix; it's a process.
After all this, we launched our Deployment Automation Tool project -
We are waiting for new tools and innovations!