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What is Visa Alias Directory Service?

Visa Alias Directory Service provides services to map an Alias to a payment instrument such as a card; a Visa client can use Visa Alias Directory Service to allow consumers to initiate push payments using an Alias.  A Visa client first provides Visa Alias Directory Service with an Alias and receives the card number mapped to that Alias then this card number can then be used in a push payment.


For more information, please visit https://developer.visa.com/capabilities/visa_direct/docs-how-to-alias-directory


What does this Tutorial Series Cover?

This tutorial series covers how the Visa Alias Directory Service APIs can be used together for the following use cases:


Use Case

APIs Covered

How to manage multiple aliases

·         Create Alias

·         Get Alias

·         Resolve

How to manage multiple payment instruments


·         Create Alias

·         Get Alias

·         Resolve

·         Update Alias

How to generate reports

·         Generate Report

·         Get Report

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